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Antoine Fuqua on Working With Denzel and the Film That Got Away: “It Breaks My Heart Just to Say It Out Loud”

“This shit’s chess, it ain’t checkers.” In one of the many memorable lines from Training Day, Denzel Washington’s Los Angeles narcotics officer Alonzo offers up this wisdom to rookie Jake, played by a doe-eyed Ethan Hawke, as a way of explaining that the job is a lot more complicated than it looks and that there […]

Next Big Thing: How Horror-Averse Myha’la Herrold Landed a Role in Gory ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’

Myha’la Herrold, who stars in A24’s buzzy new slasher flick, Bodies Bodies Bodies, is afraid of scary movies. She plays Jordan, one of the overly woke Gen Z’ers stuck in a mansion during a hurricane as a mystery killer takes them down one by one: “When I got the offer, I thought, ‘Dang, am I […]

Plays Well With Others: Steve Martin’s History of Collaboration

For a man who spent the bulk of the 1970s standing on stages all by himself, Steve Martin has a remarkable track record with collaboration in Hollywood. From his first TV writing gig to his Grammy-winning musical pair-ups, here’s a look at some of Martin’s most fruitful creative partnerships. (Read THR’s cover story on Steve […]

Theo Germaine on the Meaning Behind ‘They/Them’ and How the Slasher Is a “New Exploration” Into Good Representation

[This story contains spoilers for They/Them.] In John Logan’s directorial debut, Peacock summer camp slasher They/Them, a group of LGBTQ young people find themselves at a conversion therapy camp — places banned in many U.S. states that allege they can “change,” “repair” or even “cure” someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity. Run by Kevin Bacon’s […]

How a Karate Tournament Carpool Inspired the New ‘Predator’ Movie, ‘Prey’

In 1987, Dan Trachtenberg was too young to see John McTiernan’s R-rated Predator, but the older kids in his karate tournament carpool insisted on telling him the whole movie anyway. And at the time, Trachtenberg distinctly remembers a story involving Sonny Landham’s half-Sioux tracker, Billy Sole, who died in a dramatic fight with the Predator. […]

How ‘Bullet Train’ Director David Leitch Went From Brad Pitt’s Stuntman to Brad Pitt’s Director

David Leitch first worked with Brad Pitt in the late ’90s when he doubled for him on the set of David Fincher’s Fight Club. The experience went so well that Pitt soon recommended him for the same role on Gore Verbinski’s The Mexican, but within a day, Leitch totaled two El Caminos during a driving […]

‘Bullet Train’ Star Zazie Beetz Discusses Fighting Brad Pitt, ‘Joker’ Fate and ‘Deadpool’ Future

[The following story contains spoilers for Bullet Train.] Bullet Train gave Zazie Beetz a series of firsts, including her first wig, her first return invitation and her first proper on-screen death.  After working with director David Leitch on Deadpool 2, Beetz gladly accepted his offer to reunite for a small yet memorable appearance as “The […]

‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ Co-Writer Jennifer Kaytin Robinson Talks Cracking the Ending and the Key Scene Found in Additional Photography

[This story contains spoilers for Thor: Love and Thunder.] For screenwriter Jennifer Kaytin Robinson, landing Thor: Love and Thunder was the good news in a good news/bad news conversation. When she booked the job, she had already been in contention to write several Marvel Studios projects, including Black Widow and Hawkeye. In February 2020, she […]

15 Best International Film Schools of 2022

Australian Film, Television and Radio School Australia’s preeminent screen arts and broadcast school benefits from a beautiful setting in one of the most pleasant parts of Sydney, as well as a wealth of industry lecturers and connections to the country’s working film and TV world. Notable alumni include last year’s Oscar best director nominee Jane […]

Next Big Thing: ‘Prey’ Star Amber Midthunder on Bringing an Indigenous Action Hero Into ‘Predator’ Franchise

With her role in the Predator prequel Prey, the 25-year-old breaks new ground as an Indigenous female action hero By Mia Galuppo • Photographed by Cibelle Levi

‘Batgirl’ Debacle Pushes DC Back Once Again

Warner Bros. isn’t in the business of making bad movies. At least, that’s the common refrain on social media now that David Zaslav, chief executive of the newly combined Warner Bros. Discovery, is in charge. What seems to be a more accurate assessment is that Warner Bros. isn’t in the business of making movies that […]

Guest Column: Film Academy’s Rabbi Looks Back on 40 Years of Membership

I take great pride when I read news stories in my Hollywood Reporter about young people from a wide array of ethnic groups making their entry into the wonderful world of motion pictures. Last month, almost 400 people, many from the Asian, African-American and Latino communities, were invited to join the Academy of Motion Picture […]